Program: Washington Positive Peer Pressure (WPX3)

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WPX3 is a determined and confident group of youth from George Washington High School who all want to make a difference in their school community. WPX3 aims to reduce underage alcohol use and abuse by changing student norms. Rather than focus on negative norms and scare tactics, the members of WPX3 aim to promote healthy behavior by using positive peer pressure to reduce or end use and prevent future alcohol use.

Why is this important?
  • Helps students learn what students around them are actually doing
  • Changes the norms and let’s other youth know that drinking is not the norm.
Want to learn more about WPX3 youth?

Meet Pedro Raymundo Pedro
“My name is Pedro Raymundo. Washington High School is the school I attend. I joined WPX3 because I wanted to know ways in which I could help others and help solve problems teenagers go through. Under age drinking is important to me because it influences under age kids to do the wrong things in life and to destroy their future. Other issues that are important to me would be drugs being sold to underage kids because it gets them addicted and then they want more and get way to deep into drugs and they mess up their life. My future plans are to help others, that’s why when I grow up I want to have a career in which I can focus on helping others.”

Meet Adair Huang Adair
“My name is Adair Huang and I am in George Washington High School. I joined WPX3 because I want to get the word out to people about underage drinking that not many teens are actually drinking than most people think. I also want to learn more about the statistics and how we will advertise things related to me because I think that people shouldn’t be drinking at a young age because they can get themselves into situations that are difficult to get out of. Littering is also another issue that is important to me because there is more litter in the districts of low income than the district with a high income. I also want to preserve the environment because I have seen lots of people dump their garbage in the streets and parks. In the future I want to become an engineer because technology fascinates me. I would also want to do some related to WPX3.”

Meet Hansen Yee Hansen
“My name is Hansen Yee and I am from George Washington High School. I recently heard about an internship called WPX3 at our school. The program focuses on alcohol and that really interested me. I’ve heard about many underage children drinking alcohol at parties and I’ve also learned about how alcohol can influence abusive behavior. Underage drinking can cause addiction in the future, so it is really important to not drink alcohol. Other things that are important to me are drugs and tobacco usage. I dislike how many people who smoke don’t care about others and so they smoke in crowded places. In the future, I plan on going to college. I plan on majoring in a type of mathematics and will try to support a family with my income.”

Meet Jenny Lee Jenny
“I am Jenny Lee, a freshman from George Washington High School. Out of the many programs available, I chose to join WPX3. I joined this program because my brother was part of it and I saw some of his papers when I was younger and it really interested me. Also it would help me build my communication skills and would be an experience of learning about underage drinking, (the real number of students that drink). Underage drinking is an issue because my uncle drinks and he had health issues thus, if students are drinking their consequences would be more severe and at such a young age its sad. Bullying is also an issue to me because I have been bullied and it’s a period of depression you will never forget so I don’t want anyone else to be bullied. My future plans are to excel in high school to get into Stanford and pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor.”

Meet Yones Mana Yones
“My name is Yones Mana. I joined WPX3 because I did it last year so I wanted to do it again because it’s a great program. Another issue in my community that is important to me is junk food in the Tenderloin; I think they should get more health food. I want to be a doctor when I grow up.”
For more information contact Amanda Trescott at or call 415-836-9160 ext.284



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