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San Francisco Friday Night Live Network (SF FNL Network)

YLI organizes the SF FNL Network of youth and their adults allies working towards positive change in San Francisco. SF FNL offers the chance for adults and youth to work together to build leadership skills, research important issues in their community, develop a youth led-action project for change, and connect with other youth leaders. YLI’s connections to FNL across the state help deepen partnerships with youth and adult groups, organizations and/or school programs who want to make a positive social change in their communities.

2012 – 2013 SF FNL/CL School Based Chapters:

    • Rooftop Alternative Middle School, Rooftop Social Justice Committee, Adult Advisor: Vanessa Contreras
    • The Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts AND The Academy of Arts and Sciences, Youth Outreach Workers, Adult Advisor: Cynthia Cevallos
    • Thurgood Marshall High School, Washington Positive Peer Pressure (WPX3), Adult Advisor: Brandon Lee
    • George Washington High School, Marshall Questioning Unspoken Underage Drinking (QUUAD), Adult Advisor: Brandon Lee

Why this is important?

  • We are building a movement of youth across SF to build healthier, stronger communities.
  • The SF FNL Network’s benefits include free training, workshops and coaching.
  • Adult allies in their communities work in partnership with youth to create positive change in their neighborhoods.

Take Action:

  • Like us on FB
  • For more info about the SF FNL Network contact Patricia Barahona at or by call  415-836-9160 ext.228

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