YLI Invitation to the 3rd Annual School for Financial and Economic Justice!

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YLI and MyPath would like to formally invite youth leaders to the 3rd Annual School For Economic and Financial Justice, funded by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Over the past three years YLI and MyPath have spearheaded a movement of youth leaders in the Bay Area to take on significant anti-payday lending advocacy in San Mateo County, with two major policy victories in Daly City and South San Francisco. As we continue to take on local advocacy work the time to build a movement throughout the country in now! We will be partnering with the Center for Responsible Lending and California Reinvestment Coalition to provide the capacity building, education and training needed to fuel the federal movement.

The school will be held on March 28, 2015 (Saturday) from 10am-5pm. This will be a ONE day event. We will also provide meal costs. Transportation will not be covered. 

Location: In the Mission District!


2430 Mission Street 

San Francisco CA, 94110

Criteria to Attend:

1.     Currently leading or exploring policy advocacy strategies to address economic and social justice issues

2.     Experience in community organizing and partnership with youth leaders

3.     Currently experiencing negative impacts in community due to pay-day lending issues or other financial predatory practices

4.     Committed to taking on formal action at local and/or federal level to build movement to push statewide legislation to regulate this industry

 Youth under the age of 18 who wish to attend should fill out the following permission slip:

School of Financial Justice Permission Slip


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