BLING just funded 10 youth-led projects in SF with $40,000, are you next?

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B.L.I.N.G 2014 Fall Grantees!

Keep Hoods Yours a project by Young Queens of Mission Girls
GOAL: To host a workshop series educating 150 teens in public schools on gentrification and police brutality, host a community event with resources for our families and unveil a mural of our love and support of our community.

Bayview Youth Summit a project of 3rd St Youth Clinic and partners
GOAL: Have a summit with 200 youth to explore environmental, social and economic injustices in our community through youth-led workshops that provide tools for young people to be a part of the solution.

Indigenous Roots a project of the Native American Health Center
GOAL: To offer youth and their families a series of cooking classes focused on making healthy choices with cultural ingredients.

Horizon’s Hellthy Kitchen Cook-Off a project of Horizon’s Unlimited
GOAL: Shift the negative views on healthy cooking so our community is knowledgeable on culturally relevant healthy food through a community cook-off competition series for 150 people.

Lift A Sista Up a project of College Track
GOAL: To give out 6 scholarships to young women in SF with a track record of female empowerment and to give a workshop series to 50-75 young men and women about sexism, feminism and tips for promoting gender equality.

Project J a project of Just for Fellas/Girls of the Bayview YMCA
GOAL: To launch our business making and selling 1,000 earrings and lead a jewelry making class series at George Washington Carver Elementary School for 40 youth.

Youth for Academic Success a project of Latinos United to Succeed of Mission High 
GOAL: To increase academic success for English language learners, incoming immigrant students and their parents by creating a video series in needed languages.

Project Peers for Queer Inclusion a project by the GSA of Mission High 
GOAL: Create and implement a series with workshops, film, speakers, and a drag show to educate our school on LGBT terms, history and allyship.

Exploring Gender and Sexuality a project of Gender Sexuality Diversities of the Chinese Progressive Agency
GOAL: To organize an alternative spring break that explores the spectrum of gender and sexuality to raise awareness, allow for interaction of SF queer youth and encourage more safe spaces.

Ladies in Faith Together (L.I.F.T.) a project of Sisters Rising of the Center for Young Women’s Development
GOAL: Host an empowerment convening for 100 high school girls to learn about their bodies and community resources to stay away from all forms of sexual exploitation.

❤ and Respect,



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