YNPN Looking for TAY-aged Board members!

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We’re looking for outstanding nonprofit leaders to join the YNPN National Board of Directors!

If you’re committed to the nonprofit sector, eager to step into a dynamic leadership position, and passionate about the work of the YNPN movement, we encourage you to apply.

About the YNPN Board

We are a working board, helping to steer the course of YNPN’s growth, national presence, committees, programs and activities. Our board is made up of exceptional leaders from across the country who meet virtually with several meetings in person throughout the year.

As an organization we consider the diversity in our individual identities to be one of our greatest assets, and the YNPN board strives to reflect the diversity of the sector.

Why should I apply for the YNPN National Board?

YNPN National Board members have the unique opportunity to play a critical role in the development and growth of YNPN and to help build a stronger nonprofit sector. Participation on the National Board is also an excellent professional development opportunity and a chance to work with a fun and highly motivated team of peers who are just as passionate about the nonprofit sector as you are. Hear about some of our current board members’ experiences.

Who is YNPN seeking to serve on the National Board?

If you are passionate about the nonprofit sector, ready to commit to a dynamic leadership position, and want to help lead the growing YNPN movement, we encourage you to apply. We are a working/governing board, helping to steer the course of YNPN’s growth through our national presence, committees, programs, and activities.

We encourage all those interested to apply, including candidates reflecting the following attributes:

  • young professionals between the ages of 22 and 28
  • men
  • people of color
  • those living in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest or South (including Florida)
  • current or former members of local YNPN chapters
  • those with expertise in one of the following areas: advocacy, strategic planning, financial planning, or technology

What is expected of YNPN National Board members?

National Board members are expected to govern the organization while representing the interests and needs of young nonprofit professionals and supporting YNPN chapters in serving their needs. The YNPN National Board supports the mission and vision of YNPN chapters on the national level, by leveraging partnerships, advocating for young nonprofit professionals, and collecting and disseminating best practices to chapters and members.

Board members are also expected to:

  • Commit to a 2-year term from January 2015– December 2016
  • Participate in a 1-hour board meeting every month by conference call
  • Commit approximately 15 hours per month to YNPN business
  • Attend 3 in-person board meetings per year, including the National Conference
  • Actively participate in decision-making on conference calls, through e-mail, and during web-based discussions
  • Serve on at least 1 board committee, participate in committee calls (monthly) and follow through on committee work
  • Contribute financially to YNPN at a personally significant level of at least $100/year. This is expected even if a board member decides leave before completing their full 2-year term.
  • Participate in national board fundraising campaigns
  • Be a positive ambassador for YNPN in the community


How do I apply?

Click here to view the YNPN board member application!


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