SF Youth Commission E-Newsletter

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Happy mid-July!

After the past few weeks and months of press conferences, rallies, and hearings, our committees are beginning to capture their year-long journey in the form of issue briefing reports.  We have proudly worked and collaborated alongside you and the SF community; the accomplishments and progress we have had are not just ours, they belong to the youth of San Francisco!

So what’s next?  As our committees complete their reports, we are beginning to prepare to pass the torch to next year’s Youth Commission.  (We have yet to hear from all of our elected officials their appointments, and we hope to hear from all of them really soon!  We will be excited to let you know as soon as we do!)  We are also preparing for our Fall Orientation Retreat where we will be team building and giving workshops to the incoming Youth Commissioners.  How the year flew by!

We believe in our work, and we know that every action that we take will impact the decisions that are made by our elected officials.  Though many of us can not vote, we believe YOUTH can make a difference. Please click on the respective links below to learn more about the work we are doing in each of our committees.  If you find something you would like to work with us on, please contact us. If you think of an issue that you would like us to consider, again, please contact us. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!
To view the rest of this message including and Invitation to 7/21 Full YC Meeting, YC business,  Youth Resources, and more, please click on the link here!
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