Posters and media are up at GWHS and TMAHS!

Congratulations to YLI’s Social Norms group Washington Positive Peer pressure (WPX3) and Questioning Unspoken Underage Drinking (QUUAD) for a very successful media launch.

This year, the social norms groups created a survey to evaluate their peers’ perceived verses actual rates of underage drinking. Based off of their data results, WPX3 and QUUAD developed messages which highlighted the positive results of their survey.

WPX3’s messages were:

-“A general assumption is that many students drink alcohol. FACT CHECK? Over half of students at GWHS have never used alcohol in the past year.”
-“Yo Teachers! We get most of out info about underage drinking from you. Keep talking, we’re listening!”
-“About 70% of students at GWHS don’t feel pressured to drink aochol. What are the positive things you do to avoid the pressure? Let us know!”






WPX3 also wrote a written article which was feared in several media pieces:

Clip from the Board of Supervisors Meeting on April 29, 2014, Commendation from Supervisor Mar:
Local Richmond District Blog:
News Blog: Next Off
GHWS’s school newspaper, The Eagle:
QUUAD’s messages were:

-“Did you know that about 90% of students at Thurgood know that alcohol is risky for their health”
-“Don’t be fooled by perception! Most of us at TMAHS have not drank alcohol in the past year.”
-“Did you know that most students at Thurgood don’t drink alchol at parties and social events?”



Untitled QUUAD also had the opportunity to create a video called “Headed to the Party with QUUAD”. This video features two students who are excited to attend a party where there will be no alcohol consumption.

You can view the video by clicking on the link below:


YLI is so proud of the amazing work completed by these two groups! Congratulations to you all!



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