Drum Roll Please….CONGRATS to B.L.I.N.G.’s Newest Grantees!

In case you didn’t know Building Leaders In Innovative New Giving (B.L.I.N.G.) is the Youth Leadership Institute’s new group of 9 beautiful youth leaders in San Francisco that explore how Social Justice and Philanthropy relate.  We know that youth are experts of their communities.  We know that youth navigate daily through systems that are unjust.  And from our first two cycles we definitely know that when you give youth an opportunity for $5K to address the issues in their communities; they come together with pride and power to organize campaigns, services, and events for a more educated, united and just San Francisco.  We are honored to be able to fund the following groups of fierce youth leaders for projects this Spring and Summer.  Get to know them and their projects so you can be plug in to what’s happening!


Boothstar of Sunset Youth Services:
Goal: To give free music and documentary workshops for 150 local youth at community based organizations.

Buchanan YMCA:

GOAL: Build a curriculum and educate 80 youth about high fructose consumption to raise awareness in their families, communities and peer groups.

GOAL: Reach 6 young women with financial aid and mentorship through the creation and launch of a For Girls By Girls Scholarship Program.

H20 Productions:
GOAL: Bring awareness of Toxic Stress to 130,000 youth and adults through presentations, workshops and outreach.

Huckleberry Wellness Academy:
GOAL: To increase awareness of our services and success through a youth-made website.

Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders (I YEL):
GOAL:  Spread awareness about pollution effects the Bay Area through “Polution Palooza” an obstacle course for 200 youth on May 10th.

Out of Site:
GOAL:  Document effects of gentrification in the Mission through photography and interviews and share findings in a community event.

Peer Resources at Thurgood Marshall Academy:
GOAL: To address stereotypes at Thurgood Marshall by celebrating youth videos from various ethnic backgrounds in an end of the year Film Festival.

Youth Making a Change and Solidarity Organizing Project (YMAC & SOP) of Coleman Advocates:
GOAL: Bring together 150 community members to have an art showcase and celebrate community.

❤ B.L.I.N.G.


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