SF Youth Commission applications!

5802014-2015 Youth Commission Applications are now available!

“You want to be a Youth Commissioner because you want to make a positive impact on your community through policy change. Whether it is making sure law enforcement (and all adults for that matter!) are accountable to the young people’s rights, or ensuring that your peers are able to safely travel to and from school, work, after school programs, and extra curricular activities–you have ideas you are ready to make happen! And though you may feel nervous imagining sitting down with the Mayor or other elected officials……you believe the power of YOUTH VOICE will enable us to achieve a better San Francisco for the youth of our city! We look forward to receiving your application and meeting you–our future leaders! Community partners are asked to share this opportunity far and wide. Thank you!”

We would LOVE for you to connect with us!

Come to our regular meetings!
The full Youth Commission meets every 1st and 3rd Monday at 5:15 pm in room 416 at City Hall. There is always an opportunity for public comment. Our committees will be meeting regularly and will be open to the public! Check out our Meeting page for more information about upcoming meetings.

Bring an issue to the Youth Commission!
In addition to sharing your concerns on issues the YC is already working on, you can also present on an issue you would like the YC to be aware of or take action on. To do that, you can attend a committee meeting, download an agenda item request form on the YC site, or attend a regularly-scheduled Executive Committee meeting to discuss getting on the agenda at a full YC meeting.

Send us your info about upcoming events and opportunities for local youth so that we can help spread the word. Please email or call the Youth Commission
(415) 554-6446 so we can include updates in our online calendar and twice-monthly newsletter.

Come visit us!
Let us know if you want to check out the Youth Commission office or take a tour of City Hall. Hosting you would be a great privilege!

Build advocacy skills and knowledge!
If you or youth you work with want to learn about local advocacy, city government, the city budget, talking to city supervisors, or if you have other ideas about how we can help build youth voice and engagement in local government, contact us!

Be a part of our social media networks! Connect with us via Facebook and Twitter!

For more information, click here!



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