Malaysia Sanders – Community Health Leader – in her own words:

Over the past several week, Tobacco Use Reduction Force (TURF) Youth Advocate, Malaysia Sanders, have played a colossal role in providing a “youth-voice” to recent San Francisco e-cigarette legislation. Here, in her own words, she writes about her experience being a youth leader and community health activist in the recent legislation:

“My experience speaking at the Media Briefing 3/3/14 to discuss E-cigarette Legislation was a super exciting. It gave me the opportunity to familiarize myself of how a media briefing works and how a youth voice contributes to perspective. Although I was nervous I felt proud to go up and speak to an issue that affect my generation. Being approached by reporters after the briefing made me feel that my voice and my experiences with e-cigarettes matter. I also felt empowered with all the positive feedback I received from the reporters and people there to support me. I am grateful for the experience for it is a gateway to future experiences”. – Malaysia Sanders



We want to continue encouraging young people to voice their opinions, experiences, and dreams for their communities.

Thank you, Malaysia, for your voice, passion, and commitment to making San Francisco a healthier community for youth.


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