Application deadline this FRIDAY for B.L.I.N.G. grants!

BLING (Building Leaders in Innovative New Giving),  is a YLI San Francisco-based youth to youth grant making initiative that is launching for their Spring Grant Cycle!

BLING engages young people in building their community through giving grants to their peers to support youth-led projects grounded in social justice. BLING youth leaders came together in the fall to ask themselves “How does Philanthropy and Social Justice relate?”. They received applications from several projects and awarded a total of $26,864 to the following youth-led projects below:


Project WHAT! –

H.O.M.E.Y. –

ROOTS at Balboa High School –

CYC-BYA and allies –

Horizons –

Social Justice Committee –

Y.O.H.A.N.A. –

BLING youth leaders are releasing their Spring Grant Application due March 14, 2014 by 6pm. Please share the application information amongst your peers, adult allies, and community partners.
Click here to view the Spring BLING Grant Application –>


For more information or to answer any questions, please contact Cathryn Carkhuff, BLING’s Youth Philanthropy Specialist at 415-836-9160 ext.224.


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