Stopping Tobacco Has to Start With the Youth


In 1964, when the first Surgeon General’s report came out, smoking was still considered glamorous and fashionable, and lighting up took place almost everywhere.  Back then about 42% of Americans were lighting up.   Today that number is down to about 18% for adult smokers, and officials are hoping that number will drop “to 10% in the next decade.”   A lot has changed since the heyday of cigarette smoking, but a lot more will have to happen if we are to truly see those low numbers.

No_smoking_signMany states have banned smoking in workplaces, restaurants and bars, and some are banning smoking in vehicles when children are present.  But smoking needs to be banned from all public places.  Removing smoking removes harmful secondhand smoke from the air and thirdhand smoke residue.  It also removes smoking from looking like normal behavior.

Raising taxes on cigarettes is “one of the most effective ways…

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