BLING awards $26,864 to youth projects!

In September a group of youth leaders from across San Francisco came together to ask the question “How do Philanthropy and Social Justice relate?”  Four months later we probably have more questions than answers but have learned TONS in the process.

BLING is thrilled to share our first cycle of BLING grantees so check em out (if you don’t already know them).  Big love, respect and congratulations to:

Project WHAT! –
H.O.M.E.Y. –
ROOTS at Balboa High School –
CYC-BYA and allies –
Horizons –
Social Justice Committee –
Y.O.H.A.N.A. –

Stay tuned for their amazing work to come and how you can support it.

To all the beautiful people working hard for better tomorrows, enjoy the holiday break we have an exciting new year coming!

Pssst – BLING is getting bigger!  Are you 14-17 and live in San Francisco?  Do you believe in the youth of SF and want to learn about how to support them through philanthropy?




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