San Francisco Charities contest!

“It’s time for the second phase of our Favorite Charities contest, created in partnership with fellow San Francisco native Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Thanks to over 6,000 of your nominations (!!!), San Francisco has named its top 49 non-profits. It’s now time to vote!

Seven of these will be taking home cash – the top six will be taking home $2,000 grants from PG&E. But, one who garners the most votes will have their holidays brightened with a total of $10,000.

So vote for your favorite in each of the seven categories below. The winner of each category will go on to compete for top billing and the $10,000.

Voting for the Top 49 will continue through 5 p.m. on November 12.

Voting for the Top 7 begins on November 13.

After you read below about how these awesome charities are helping San Francisco, you can vote at the bottom of the page.” – 7×7 Editors

Here at YLI San Francisco, we are so proud of our partners, JCYC Education Services and College Track for making this list! Please keep them in mind when making your decision!

For the link to vote and the entire list of charities, please click here!


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