Welcome Marcel, our new SFSU intern!

Please help the San Francisco team welcome Marcel Harris, our newest Health Education intern from San Francisco State University! Marcel has already been a monumental help to the SF Programs and has been particularly helpful with the Nutrition Soldiers group out of the Bayview.  Please take a look at Marcels biography below.

Marcel Harris was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. He is the oldest of 12 siblings and the first to attend college. His father is of Belizean decent and his mother of Coastal Chumash Native American heritage. Marcel currently attends San Francisco State University and looks forward to receiving his Bachelor’s degree this December with an emphasis in Community-Based Public Health. After completing his undergraduate studies he plans to attend a Master’s program in Public Health at UC Berkeley. Marcel loves to cook and during his free time plays basketball. One of his goals in life is to open a restaurant that provides healthy and affordable meals to all. Another personal goal is to help build sustainable environments for young people to thrive and create solid foundations that empower youth. Marcel is very thankful and happy to be interning at the Youth Leadership Institute in San Francisco and excited about working with Nutrition Soldiers on accessing the healthy foods campaign in the Bayview District. He believes the experience at YLI will be very helpful in preparing for future career opportunities.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.38.27 AM

Again, welcome Marcel! We are so excited to have you!
If anyone would like to contact Marcel, please email him at mharries@yli.org. Feel free to send him a warm welcome!


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